Initiative 2: Build Our ECONOMIC WEALTH                     

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is launching our most progressive and revolutionary economic initiatives this century. This administration has created institutional-level solutions to combat institutional-level challenges.

We will further encourage and equip our members to place key strategies into action to build personal, organizational, and community economic wealth.

• For Members Only TM Credit Union. For Members Only Federal Credit Union will be the FIRST, Black-owned, woman-led, sorority-based, digital banking financial institution in the history of the United States.

Financial Wellness & Planned Giving. Financial wellness and planned giving efforts will assist members with legacy planning supported by expert members and wealth management partners.

• Sister Circles. Sister Circles are accountability groups designed to help set and achieve personal savings, investing, and giving goals.

• Supporting Women Entrepreneurs. Supporting Women Entrepreneurs will focus efforts to promote, celebrate, enhance, reach, raise visibility and offer access for greater revenue-generating opportunities.

  • Black Dollar Days. Black Dollar Days will be held during the month of June with a focus on leveraging our collective buying power to funnel revenue to Black-owned businesses and brands.